Currently we provide aesthetic medicine that focuses on parts of the problem; but unfortunately, this approach does not work perfectly for diseases that involve more than one party, such as aging and skin pathologies.


All parts of our body are related. So repairing one part without observing that are interconnected, provides only temporary relief. Skin cleaner biomedical formulas created for you, based on the experience of two drugs: aesthetic and alternative, provide solutions to the most common diseases of the body's largest organs and skin.


For this, we use the best brands recognized worldwide, including skin cosmetics and bio-alternative medicine laboratories. All our lines are based on the principle that beauty is a reflection of being, and it is the obligation of aesthetic medicine to provide everything to improve it.


Care professionals skin BIO SKIN -CLEANER is presented by their different lines to promote the health and beauty sector.


Detoxification treatment to purify and balance your skin integrally - normal skin



Treatment control of skin reactions, modulates your immune system, reduces irritation, itching, redness, to achieve fresh and natural skin


Acne: Treatment to repair and regenerate, eliminating skin lesions, combining organic management, obtaining clean and healthy skin.


Pigmentation: Treatment to repair and regenerate, combining organic management, eliminating skin pigmentations, obtaining a clean and healthy skin


Young / mature skin: Treatment to hydrate expression lines, which delays the anti-aging process, associating organic antioxidants, maintaining a luminous and radiant skin.


Skin with acne: Treatment for the control of oily skin, avoiding clogging of pores, with seborregulation, maintaining healthy skin, without signs of dryness.